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I do love a Funko Pop

I do love a funko pop. no this isnt a new age dance move or a party classic. They are collectors items from different movies, music or TV shows and more. I used to...


Algarve – Portugal Educational trip

Algarve I recently got to visit the Algarve in Portugal seeing some of the site and experiencing some of the things to do whilst in there. There is so much I can say about...


Swagbucks daily total 1st January

Here is my Swagbucks daily achieved 1/365 As the saying goes its a Marathon not a spring and today I am living by that motto. I have made slow progress to achieve both daily...


New year New targets.

New year New targets.   Well the New Year is officially here and it’s about half an hour until I start my first shift of the year. And I was thinking last night about...


Swago Board September Swagbucks 300sb

Swago what is it? swago is a kind of bingo/keno game provided by Swagbucks where you unlock squares on the board by completing tasks. The tasks can vary from completing a survey to visiting a shop....

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